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SmartPlant P&ID

The piping and instrumentation diagram (P&ID) - the "roadmap" of the plant—is developed, accessed, shared, and modified throughout the plant life cycle. Therefore, it is critical that the P&ID is kept up-to-date, accurately reflecting the as-built plant. SmartPlant P&ID helps you Develop and manage your P&IDs with a focus on the plant asset rather than the document representation. Learn more about SmartPlant P&ID.

SmartPlant Process Safety

SmartPlant® Materials is the Intergraph® integrated life-cycle material and supply chain and subcontracting management solution. It provides a common collaboration platform and project workbench for all partners in any engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) project supply chain. Learn more about SmartPlant Process Safety.

SmartPlant Instrumentation Powered by INtools

SmartPlant Instrumentation—the industry-leading instrumentation solution—helps EPCs better design plants. Owner operator can prevent failure by better managing and storing the history of your instrumentation and control system as well as prevent unscheduled shutdowns by better planning maintenance. Learn more about SmartPlant Instrumentation.

SmartPlant Electrical

The challenge for the electrical engineer is to efficiently design a safe and reliable power distribution system. SmartPlant Electrical, part of the SmartPlant Enterprise, is an innovative solution that enables you to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. SmartPlant Electrical Enforces data consistency and quality through its rules and relationship. Learn more about SmartPlant Electrical.